Rosehips are used to treat colds and infectious diseases, pancreatitis and cholecystitis, constipation and intestinal disorders, to regulate blood pressure and to improve children’s appetite. This is a great phytopreparation for anyone who wants to adjust their metabolism, lose weight and boost immunity.


What you need to know

Dried fruits are used in food supplements, medicines, as well as to make teas, drinks, syrups and jams. Oil used in cosmetology is also made from rosehip. It owes its red-orange color to lycopene and beta-carotene. These are carotenoid pigments that promote eye health and have a positive effect on skin health


Rosehip oil saturates the skin with essential vitamins and microelements, is a strong antioxidant and slows down the general aging process of skin cells. It has a whitening effect, moisturizes well, fights against age spots and freckles. It tones, strengthens and protects the skin from the negative effects of free radicals.

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